Practical, cost effective solutions to environmental regulatory requirements

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BioConsultant LLC consists of a network of professional consulting Biologists & Botanists; each experienced and specialized to offer a wide range of wildlife and botanical services.   

We work closely with each client to provide a cost effective, practical solution that complies with environmental laws and regulatory requirements.

Rare & Endangered Species Studies                                   

-California Tiger Salamander 

-Point Arena Mountain Beaver 

-Behren's Butterfly

-California Red-legged Frog

-California Red Tree Vole

-American Badger


Botanical Services

Wetlands Delineation

Williamson Act Property Conversions

GPS/GIS Technology


Contact Information:

Telephone/Fax:  Sales: (707) 539-4488

Postal address: 122 Calistoga Rd.#360 Santa Rosa, CA 95409

Lead Biologist: Kim Fitts;


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